Packing Instructions:
1. Use an anti-static wrist strap when handling a hard drive.

2. Discharge any static electricity from your body by touching a grounded object (such as a cold water pipe, grounded metal computer case, Etc.).

3. Avoid touching the circuit board or electrical connectors when handling the hard drive.

4. Have a qualified technician remove the hard drive from the computer.

5. Place the hard drive in an anti-static bag. (Your Local Computer Shop can hand you such a bag normally with no charge.

6. Pack hard drive in a suitable shipping carton with a minimum of 3-4 inches packing material between the drive and carton. For best results, use a shipping carton designed for hard drives (such as a manufacturer’s shipping carton).

7. Include a copy of the Job Form in the same shipping carton as the drive.

8. Mark the outside of the shipping carton with your full details.


1. Whenever possible, use a shipping service with tracking capabilities (Fed-X, UPS, Airborne Express, DHL, etc). For best results, use an overnight or 2nd day service.

2. Ship the drive to:

Within Australia International
Data Rescue Data Rescue
Level 1, 137 Hawthorn Road Level 1, 137 Hawthorn Road
Caulfield North Caulfield North
Victoria 3161 Victoria 3161
Ph: or Ph:
Fax: (03)9532-7957 Fax: (61 3)9532-7957

Print a delivery Label.   [Local]     [International]

3. The package should be sent to the attention Data Rescue Recovery Team.

Contact Data Rescue by mail to after the drive is shipped and let us know when the drive is expected. Notifying us of an incoming shipment will allow us to schedule resources for your job in advance, thereby reducing turn-around time.

Please call us on with any questions.

IMPORTANT! We will not take responsibility for damages to a Hard Disk Drive that have occurred before we receive it, due to such things as shipping and handling. Hard Disk Drives are extremely fragile and should be handled with care.

Please note:

    • You must pay for any shipping charges.


    • We will NOT collect or pickup any shipment without prior authorisation.


  • Data Rescue will not take responsibility for shipments unless proof of Delivery is provided. (Use a carrier who can trace the shipment).