Don’t Panic. Just call us…

In case of data loss, follow these steps to minimise any further damage:

1. Don’t run an automatic recovery program.

  • They often cause more damage than good.

2. Keep your media safe

  • Keep your media in a sealed container until trained experts can safely handle it in a controlled environment.

3. Contact us immediately (Office Hours):

Eastern Standard Time:

  • Within Australia:
  • International:

To contact after hours please click here.

Data Rescue has over 90% success rate in data recovery.

Our rapid response, determination to save you time, meticulous work procedures, guaranteed discretion with regard to client data, and professional reliability is paramount to the way we conduct business.

Our professional approach enables us to deliver prompt, efficient service for any type of media.


For emergency Data recovery ONLY

Please call the Engineer on duty on one of the following numbers:

  • Within Australia:
  • International: