In order to give you an accurate quote and determine how long it will take to recover your data you will need to submit you media for a preliminary Assessment.

Once the preliminary assessment is complete one of our consultants will contact you to let you know what steps need to be taken in order to recover your lost data.
We WILL NOT go ahead with the Data recovery process until we receive your authorisation to do so.

Standard Service
This is our most commonly used service, and is sufficient for most people. A job using this Service will be completed during normal Business Hours only. The average turn-around for the Data Recovery Assessment with this service is 48hours from receiving the media. Once the Assessment is complete you will receive a report with a quote for the recovery cost. We cannot begin the Data Recovery process until we receive written authorisation to do so from the owner of the media.
The time and cost to complete the Data Recovery depends on the damages.
There is NO ASSESSMENT FEE applicable for most media. Please refer to our pricing section for more information. To make thing “run” smoother we can also pickup and deliver around any major CBD for a small fee.

ring us on for more details.

Priority Service
Priority service means your media has top priority over other Data Recovery Jobs. When we receive the media it is first in line, saving you critical time. It will be worked on outside of normal business hours, as well as normal business hours, in order to complete the Assessment quicker. As with the Standard Service we cannot begin the Data Recovery Process until we receive written authorisation from the owner of the media to do so.
This cost is $200 + GST per hour regardless of results.

Please complete this form to submit your media.