In order to help prevent loss of data there are many options, but the most important and simplest one is BACK-UP.

We also realise that you do not want your important data to be lost in the future, so our consultants take the extra time to work out the best data back up system suited to you.

Data Rescue can provide suitable back up systems for your business. We offer many types of programs and media;

For information on setting up back up systems contact us.

  • How often should you back up files?

Back ups should be done at regular intervals. However, it all depends on what you use your computer for and how often new files are created and important data is entered. It can be done daily, weekly or even monthly.

A few important points to remember are:

  • Keep the back up process to a regular schedule e.g., if backing up weekly choose the same day each week
  • You may want to back up a file whenever it is updated.
  • Backing up should always be done before your computer is sent for repair or before any new hardware or software is installed on the system.
  • Back up files if you switch computers.

Backup Formats:

Back ups can be created in various formats. The most popular and simple choice is to burn onto a writable CD, Other methods include; floppy disks(however these are not very reliable), Zip disks or Data Tape Cartridge.